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Targets of Opportunity
In each zone, usually near your most likely first entry point, is an NPC who offers a Targets of Opportunity mission for the zone. The mission is very extensive, but if you are a well-rounded player who enjoys all facets of the game (including Logos collecting, exploring, completing missions, finishing instances, and participating in the assault and defense of Control Point flags), then you may be able to finish these mission requirements during the course of your gaming within the zone, with little or no extra effort.

These missions are the source of the many Titles you may earn in the game (see the fourth tab on your [P]ersona window), and the only source of extra Clone Credits, which allow you to create a clone of your character at any time.

Concordia Targets of Opportunity (2008/02/03)
Torden Targets of Opportunity (2008/02/03)
Valverde Targets of Opportunity
Ligos Targets of Opportunity

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