* giddy : adj.(-ier, -iest) 1. having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall,
stagger or spin around; dizzy. 2a. overexcited as a result of success,
pleasurable emotion, etc.; mentally intoxicated.

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About the Giddy Gamer

The old fogies at Giddy Gamer have been gaming since well back into the last millennium. Most of us achieved our "overgrown kid" status long before the home computer was invented; from never-ending "Silver Dividend 20" marathons in our childhoods, to week-long sessions of Dungeons and Dimwits, to massive tabletop battles of Bubble Chukkah Speedstas versus Deathstalker Prism Cannons, and suitcases full of Icy Manipulators, we've managed to build up quite a collection of gaming experience, and binders full of gaming data sheets over the years (See our gaming archives, left menu bar, for a few samples).

We're now computer- and online gamers, of course, and have continued to develop our reference sheets, motivated by the typically low quality of any documentation provided with computer games.

When we began playing World of Warcraft, we were excited to find all the web sites dedicated to WoW, including some very complex and data-rich databases, but we were somewhat dismayed at how difficult it can often be to find the answer to a simple question. In a way, the database complexity can be self-defeating.

For example, it is likely that a player will refer to a list of rogue trainers dozens of times during the life of a rogue character, as (s)he moves from one zone to another. For many players, it is not feasible or desirable to swap to a browser to go tracking down the trainer lists each time (s)he needs training in a new zone. And finding a site with an accurate, relevant and legible list of rogue trainers can be somewhat of a challenge. We have consolidated, on a single sheet, a list of all world rogue trainers, sorted by faction and location, and verified their existence as of the publication date, by visiting them in the game world.

Collecting and documenting this type of gaming information is second nature to some of us. We often find ourselves building binders of these reference sheets, and using them daily during our gameplay. And we thought that, with millions of gamers out there, we were probably not alone.

When we joined EVE Online, "the World's Largest Game Universe" (lol), we found the same thing. Many sites listed the ores and minerals in EVE, and some even had legible tables (woot!), but they were missing essential information a newcomer should know about relative difficulty and cost effectiveness of mining. When we finished our Ore Mining Efficiency table, we knew we needed to share it with the EVE Online universe, along with our many other references under development.

We hope you find our site helpful, and wish you the very best in your gaming adventures!

Note: All documents on our site are .pdf files requiring Acrobat Reader v4.0 (available free at www.adobe.com) or better to open. They are optimised for printing on 8.5"x11" (ideally, in colour) and may not be as clear (or correctly oriented) on-screen as they are when printed. Print testing has been done on inkjet and laser printers, in both colour and grey-scale.

If you have previously printed any of these documents, check for updates here by comparing the date on the bottom left ("footer") of each printed sheet to the (publication date) listed here behind each pdf file.

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* from: the Canadian Oxford Paperback Dictionary, Oxford University Press Canada, 2000
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