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Tier / Dungeon Armor Sets

Concise, reliable, PRINTABLE fingertip facts for World of Warcraft

Warning: The "game gods" change the stats and prices of these set items more often than a gnome changes hats. We do our best to keep up, but please check the vendor for current details.

Armor Set Summary

For a summary of all the armor sets for each character class, including tier sets, PvP and Arena sets, see the Armor Sets by Class (2008/12/01) table.

Dungeon/Tier Armor Sets

Dungeon Set 1 Armor

Here is a list of each set (according to the class required/most likely to use it) including the set attributes and where to go to get each piece! Dungeon Set 1 Armor pieces can be worn as early as character level 52 (bracers).

Wildheart Raiment (Druid) (2006/07/29)
Beaststalker Armor (Hunter) (2006/07/26)
Magister's Regalia (Mage) (2006/08/14)
Lightforge Armor (Paladin) (2006/08/14)
Vestments of the Devout (Priest) (2006/07/29)
Shadowcraft Armor (Rogue) (2006/07/26)
Armor of the Elements (Shaman) (2006/07/29)
Dreadmist Raiment (Warlock) (2006/07/26)
Battlegear of Valor (Warrior) (2006/07/29)
All the above Dungeon Set 1 Armor Sets (2006/08/14)

Dungeon Set 2 Armor

Dungeon Set 2 is obtained ONLY by performing quests and trading in your Dungeon Set 1 pieces. Dungeon Set 2 quests are not offered to characters until they reach level 60.

The Dungeon Set 2 Quest List(2006/08/11) is a short list to help sort out all the 29 (!!) quests required to upgrade from Dungeon Set 1 (Tier 0) to Dungeon Set 2 (Tier 0.5).
The Dungeon Set 2 Quest Details (2006/08/11) provides extensive details of these quests, including quest name and sequence, quest giver, materials needed, and so on.

Feralheart Raiment (Druid) (2006/08/13)
Beastmaster Armor (Hunter) (2006/08/14)
Sorceror's Regalia (Mage) (2006/08/13)
Soulforge Armor (Paladin) (2006/08/14)
Vestments of the Virtuous (Priest) (2006/08/13)
Darkmantle Armor (Rogue) (2006/08/14)
The Five Thunders (Shaman) (2006/08/13)
Deathmist Raiment (Warlock) (2006/08/13)
Battlegear of Heroism (Warrior) (2006/08/14)
All the above Dungeon Set 2 Armor Sets (2006/08/14)

Tier 1 Armor

Tier 1 Armor is obtained only by squishing rather a lot of baddies in the Molten Core. One is well advised to undertake these feats in the best of company.

Cenarion Raiment (Druid) (2006/09/06)
Giantstalker Armor (Hunter) (2006/09/06)
Arcanist Regalia (Mage) (2006/09/06)
Lawbringer Armor (Paladin) (2006/09/06)
Vestments of Prophecy (Priest) (2006/09/06)
Nightslayer Armor (Rogue) (2006/09/06)
The Earthfury (Shaman) (2006/09/06)
Felheart Raiment (Warlock) (2006/09/06)
Battlegear of Might (Warrior) (2006/09/06)
All the above Tier 1 Armor Sets (2006/09/06)

Dungeon Set 3 Armor (Tier 3.5)

Level 70 Outland set introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion. There is one set designed for each class (which CAN be worn by other classes), plus an alternate, more generic set for cloth, leather, mail and plate wearers.

Moonglade Raiment (Druid) (2007/05/09)
Beast Lord Armor (Hunter) (2007/05/09)
Incanter's Regalia (Mage) (2007/05/09)
Righteous Armor (Paladin) (2007/05/09)
Hallowed Raiment (Priest) (2007/05/09)
Assassination Armor (Rogue) (2007/05/09)
Tidefury Raiment (Shaman) (2007/05/09)
Oblivion Raiment (Warlock) (2007/05/09)
Bold Armor (Warrior) (2007/05/09)

Mana-Etched Regalia (Alternate - Cloth wearers) (2007/05/09)
Wastewalker Armor (Alternate - Leather wearers) (2007/05/09)
Desolation Battlegear (Alternate - Mail wearers) (2007/05/09)
Doomplate Battlegear (Alternate - Plate wearers) (2007/05/09)

Tier 4 Armor

Level 70 Outland set offered by The Aldor and The Scryers. Turn in a specific drop (" ... of the Fallen ...") for each armor piece. The required pieces drop in Karazhan and Gruul's Lair.

Malorne Armor (3 sets) (Druid) (2007/06/17)
Demon Stalker Armor (Hunter) (2007/06/17)
Aldor Regalia armor set (Mage) (2007/06/17)
Justicar armor (3 sets) (Paladin) (2007/06/17)
Incarnate armor (2 sets) (Priest) (2007/06/17)
Netherblade armor set (Rogue) (2007/06/17)
Cyclone armor (3 sets) (Shaman) (2007/10/09)
Voidheart armor set (Warlock) (2007/06/17)
Warbringer armor (2 sets) (Warrior) (2007/06/17)

Tier 5 Armor

Level 70 Outland set offered by The Aldor and The Scryers. As with Tier 4, turn in a specific drop (" ... of the Vanquished ...") for each armor piece. The required pieces drop in Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye.

Nordrassil (3 sets) (Druid) (2007/06/18)
Rift Stalker Armor (Hunter) (2007/10/09)
Tirisfal Regalia (Mage) (2007/06/18)
Crystalforge (3 sets) (Paladin) (2007/06/18)
Avatar (2 sets) (Priest) (2007/10/09)
Deathmantle (Rogue) (2007/06/18)
Cataclysm (3 sets) (Shaman) (2007/06/18)
Corruptor Raiment (Warlock) (2007/10/09)
Destroyer (2 sets) (Warrior) (2007/06/18)

Tier 6 Armor

Level 70 Raid set. Pieces 1-5 acquired from Tydormu in Hyjal Summit, and the required turn-in pieces (" ... of the Forgotten ...") drop in the Black Temple and Hyjal Summit. Pieces 6 through 8, added in patch 2.4, drop in Sunwell Plateau, and are traded by Theremis, on Sunwell Isle.

Thunderheart (3 sets) (Druid) (2008/02/18)
Gronnstalker's Armor (Hunter) (2008/02/18)
Tempest Regalia (Mage) (2008/02/18)
Lightbringer (3 sets) (Paladin) (2008/02/18)
Absolution (2 sets) (Priest) (2008/02/18)
Slayer's Armor (Rogue) (2008/02/18)
Skyshatter (3 sets) (Shaman) (2008/02/18)
Malefic Raiment (Warlock) (2008/02/18)
Onslaught (2 sets) (Warrior) (2008/02/18)

Tier 7 Armor

Level 80 Raid set introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. 5-piece set tokens drop in the Obsidian Sanctum and the new Naxxramas in Dragonblight.
We have abandoned doing detailed descriptions of all class sets because of Blizzard's habit of constantly changing the item stats. Here is the list of token names and drop locations:

Tier 7 Armor Sets (2008/12/01)

Note: All documents on our site are .pdf files requiring Acrobat Reader v4.0 or better (available free at www.adobe.com) to open. They are optimised for printing on 8.5"x11" (ideally, in colour) and may not be as clear (or correctly oriented) on-screen as they are when printed. Print testing has been done on inkjet and laser printers, in both colour and greyscale.

If you have previously printed any of these documents, check for updates here by comparing the date on the bottom left ("footer") of each printed sheet to the (publication date) listed here behind each pdf file.

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