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Tabula Rasa has been in beta testing since spring 2007, giving our die-hard (pun intended) gamers and playtesters a chance to preview the game and learn, the hard way, how the game works, and how to beat the odds. We'll give you the benefit of our experience, and a head start over all the other gamers getting started in this fantastic adventure!

What's in this new guide?

As with all new games, there's a steep learning curve getting to know your game controls, character attributes and skills, and the new world environment. This startup guide will get you to the front lines quickly and into the heat of battle (that's a good thing)!

This 20+ page guide includes:
  • An introduction to the character generation tools - what matters, and what doesn't!
  • Detailed descriptions to give you a good comfort level with the user interface right away
  • What to do when you first enter the game, and as you gain new levels
  • How the character ability and skills screens work, and how to spend your ability and skill credits wisely
  • How and where to find the most important quests immediately
  • Learn about the all-important Logos Elements, what to do with them, and how to find your first ones
  • Learn about the complex item storage system, and secrets about the Footlocker
  • Understand the very restricted Character Cloning ability. Don't waste your precious clone credits like we did!

How will I get my Guide?

This booklet will be shipped to you by email (in .pdf format), usually within minutes, once your purchase is confirmed by PayPal. Opening the file requires Adobe Reader v.4.0 or later (free online at or other PDF reader. The document is formatted for easy printing on 8.5 x 11. Payment is fast, easy and secure through PayPal, either from your PayPal account or with a credit card.

What have others said about Giddy Gamer Guides?

We've been publishing gaming guides since 2005, and had many very positive responses, including:

"thanks a ton, your guide did help a ton getting started."

"It is great. You provide comprehensive references ... You've saved me a lot of time."

"Excellent item. So much information. I am ultimately pleased."

"Great quality. Very helpful. Fast delivery. A+"

Who am I feeding with this membership contribution?

Your money will be used to help fortify the AFS camp at Alia Das against increasing Bane hostility!

But seriously, if you wonder how much time and effort it takes to run a web site, check out our description on the Help Us page elsewhere on this site. For a few bucks, this Guide will work miracles for your Tabula Rasa gaming experiences, and your contribution will directly support the cost of operating our site (and possibly, a shipment of new recruits to Alia Das).

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