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A practical guide to Outland, covering the Burning Crusade expansion and the "Black Temple" patch 2.1.

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If you are one of the millions of WoW players who has been playing "catch-up" since the release of The Burning Crusade expansion, and more recently, the Black Temple patch, then this guide is for you. It will answer many of your questions about the immense continent of Outland, and the innumerable changes in the game environment, professions, monsters, factions and quests, and show you the way to many of the elusive creatures and quest givers not found on most WoW maps.

In addition to being dedicated WoW players, our team has been actively working in Outland since the Burning Crusade Beta test program launched in November, 2006, and on the Public Test Realms prior to the release of the "Black Temple" patch 2.1. We have compiled a great deal of information about Outland, its quests, factions , vendors and trainers.

What's included?

This newly updated Giddy Gamer Guide includes over 60 pages of:

  • Official zone maps, annotated with flight paths, vendors, trainers, and other essential services, as well as the hard-to-find mobs and quest targets (see a sample: Hellfire Peninsula)
  • List of all instances, including available information on levels, faction affiliations
  • Details about the recent changes to professions, including Herbalist and Miner Skinning skills, Alchemy Discoveries, and the new Motes.
  • Discussion of the new flying mounts, including the Nether Drake and Nether Ray
  • An informative introduction to the new factions and how to get started with each of them
  • Detailed lists of trainers and vendors for every NPC locale in Outland
  • An FAQ covering many of the common questions, such as how to get safely to Outland, what to do first, and of course, all about the flying mounts!

This guide will provide you with the important information you need to "hit the ground running" as you exit the Dark Portal!

How will I get my Guide?

This booklet will be shipped to you by email (in .pdf format) once the transaction is confirmed. Requires Adobe Reader v.4.0 or later (free online at or other PDF reader. Formatted for easy printing on 8.5 x 11. Payment is fast, easy and secure through PayPal, either from your PayPal account or with a credit card.

What have others said about our Giddy Gamer Guides?

We began selling Giddy Gamer Guides in early 2006 on eBay, even before the Giddy Gamer site was launched. We have had 100.0% positive feedback on eBay from our sales. Some of the actual feedback we've had about our guides:

"Great to deal with! Excellent work - well worth the price! Thanks!! A+"

"Excellent item. So much information. I am ultimately pleased."

"For heavens sake I have been playing for over a year and NEVER knew you were here! What a find! There are things in your Strat & Hints that are so, so, so, helpful"

"Sweet! You guys ROCK my WOW!"

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