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Concise, reliable, PRINTABLE fingertip facts for EVE Online

Guns and Ammo

We've started out with comparison lists of all the stuff you'll need if you just wanna "blow stuff up real good"! Check out the following equipment and ammo summaries:
The Energy Weapons (2007/08/03) table gives you an easy way to compare stats on all the lasers available.
The Frequency Crystals (2007/08/03) list has all the crystals you can choose from to activate that laser you just bought (and you thought it was the complete kit)!

Hybrid Weapons (2007/08/03) include Railguns and Blasters.
Hybrid Charges (2007/08/22) compares all the ammunition for your Railguns and Blasters.

Missile Launchers (2007/08/03) is a list of all the Missile Launchers, including Rocket Launchers, Standard Launchers, Cruise Launchers, Heavy Assault Launchers, and so on.
Missiles (2007/08/18) compares all the Rockets, Missiles and Torpedoes available for your Missile Launchers.

Projectile Weapons (2007/08/03) lists EVE's Artillery Cannons and Autocannons for easy comparison.
The Projectile Ammo (2007/08/07) table sorts out all the available ammo for your projectile weapons.

Note: All documents on our site are .pdf files requiring Acrobat Reader v4.0 or better (available free at www.adobe.com) to open. They are optimised for printing on 8.5"x11" (ideally, in colour) and may not be as clear (or correctly oriented) on-screen as they are when printed. Print testing has been done on inkjet and laser printers, in both colour and greyscale.

If you have previously printed any of these documents, check for updates here by comparing the date on the bottom left ("footer") of each printed sheet to the (revision date) listed here behind each pdf file.

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